Teeny Toon is an imaginative indoor role play centre for young children and their carers. A safe space filled with lots of wonderful toys, props and dressing up costumes; to roleplay and imagine as many possibilities as they can in our child size Toon. Bring your sandwiches and enjoy our picnic area alongside our baby play area.

Teeny Toon offers an alternative to softplay. Our child friendly Toon is designed to promote and stimulate your child’s imagination while learning about many of the different roles in society.


For £5 per child bring your toddlers, pre-schoolers and older children to a 90 minute play session to explore Teeny Toon. Will they be a Dr? Or a Scientist? An astronaut or a Vet? At Teeny Toon they can be whatever they want to be, the only limit is their imagination.

Conveniently located within Playsport, Teeny Toon is easily accessible, don’t miss out, book your play session online today.

Want more info about our indoor imaginative play centre? Head over to our get in touch page or check out our FAQ section.


Stewartfield Way

East Kilbride

G74 4GT

We can’t wait for you to play together.